Fox Stevenson - Throwdown EP

Fox Stevenson and Firepower Records bring us some electronic summer heat with the release of the five track Throwdown EP.  Anyone who’s heard Stevenson’s production style knows it’s not your garden variety EDM that’s so popular with the kids these days.  This is one of those special producers that makes what they love, even if the style isn’t what’s popular.

What’s great about the tracks on this EP, is that he incorporates some of the popular sounds into his own.  Track two -Throwdown- introduces us to some sort of hybrid trap style, showing his versatility and ability to blend genres.  The next song, Double up, lays on the dubstep and slows down the tempo of the EP to a nice head bobbing pace.

Don’t get used to the down-tempo, Stevenson loves high energy in his tracks and it can clearly be felt after the midway point in the EP.  A beautiful mix of drum & bass tempos with a touch of house takes you on a  wild ride for the duration of the Throwdown.  Oh yeah, did I mention he’s on all the vocals?  He has one of the most signature voices/voice styles in the industry.  There was a period when he was transitioning from Stan SB  to Fox Stevenson where people would argue about the artist in the title, but thankfully that’s mostly in the past.  Don’t forget to support the artist below.



Evolution (Full Album)

I normally don’t listen to many whole albums, but Uppermost’s Evolution album reminds me of what I could be missing out on.  Jam packed with electro, funk, and glitch-hop, Uppermost blends them together with precise production skills.  The French-house nu-disco sounds that have been coming from French producers is nothing to take lightly.  While many of those producers regard Daft Punk as part of their inspiration, new artists taking after the nu-disco sound are finding others to look up to.  Madeon and Uppermost are a couple of the recent ones coming from France.

Getting back to the album, the first song, Last Codes, does exactly what you want the first song on an album to do.  It brings the excitement from the very begging and forces you to wonder what kind of ride this album is going to be.  With all the popularity recently with singles and “bangers”, people forget that albums are supposed to be journeys and experiences to be had and listened to in full.  Speaking of that, I won’t mention which artist this was, but they had around half of the album as hit singles which people had grown tired of by the time it was released.  Uppermost gives us something amazing and refreshing, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the music.


White Zoo - Into The White [Out March 10th!]


White Zoo is soon to release his first full length album on March 10th with Audiophile Live.  Audiophile Live has consistently brought great artists and music to its label and White Zoo is no exception.  Into The White is a treasure chest of tracks that showcase how diverse this artist is.   With electro-house, dub-step, glitch-hop, drum & bass, and big-room house, there’s something for everyone on this album.    So many artists find just one or two niches to stay in, but with White Zoo, his possibilities are endless.  It will be very interesting when he has the funds and the following to start genre mixing to suit his tastes and experiment more.  His strongest ability appears to be in electro-house and dub-step, although glitch-hop could be a close third.  It’s great to know that a producer is comfortable in many genres and I can’t wait to hear more from him.    Purchase Into The White  March 10th on Beatport and/or support through sharing and social media.  Let’s not let the headliners take the spotlight all the time and help out the up and coming artists. Enjoy streaming the album below and keep a lookout for this producer.

DER0292: Knight Of Rhythm - Ambivalent EP [Out Now Beatport]

15-year-old Steven Van Bergen just released a three track EP through Digital Records.  Available on Beatport, this young talent showcases his drum and bass skills and dub-step prowess.  Ambivalent’s two dub-step tracks are a nice show of the “chill-step” or “love-step” that has become really popular within the dub-step genre.  Check out the links below for more information and to support this amazing young artist.

Lucky's Revenge EP (Full Tracks Here) [OUT NOW]


Released a few months back, 4Frame brings us the 2 track EP Lucky’s Revenge.  It’s not every day that we get to hear great seven minute long songs which both of these are.  Great for mixing into other tracks or standing alone, 4Frame does well with these two electro-house adventures.  Released on Audiophile Live and available on Beatport, I’ll now be following this guy to keep up to date on his music.

Gramatik - The Age Of Reason

Gramatik recently released a free album on Soundcloud to all his loyal fans.  Fifteen tracks at around an hour and ten minutes, Gramatik transcends your conventional electronic music and elevates to this futuristic electronic soul and funk sound that’s heard throughout the album.  Combining electronic, rock, disco, and funk among other genres, he brings elements from different parts of music eras together.  After viewing this album, it’s safe to say that I’ll be seeing him out at Ultra 2014.

Check out his links below as well as the free download through Bittorrent.


       The Age of Reason download

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This next artist does not give a flying funk.

Dutch producer and all around funky brotha Beat Fatigue has been experimenting with music since the age of 10, when he picked up the guitar for the first time. His inspiration came in the form of a fascination with two of the funkiest, six-string thrashers of all time: John Scofield and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Since then, BF has been studying any new style of music he can as well as learning a whole lot along the way. As of late, he has concentrated all of these experiences in music precipitating in the form of a unique take on electronic dance music production. This layer cake of expertise can include but is not limited to: Jazz, Blues, Glitch, Dubstep, Soul, Hiphop, Neuro and Funk. However, regardless of genre, one thing is abundantly clear: Beat Fatigue will make you dance your ever-so-fine ass…

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Fox Stevenson - Endless EP

Fox Stevenson and Firepower Records grace us with this four track EP entitled Endless.  Stevenson showcases his versatile production skills with the four songs each being a different genre (dub-step, glitch-hop, drum and bass, and neuropop).  He does this while keeping true to his unique sound and style which surprises me every time.  It’s always a pleasure to see Fox Stevenson put out a new track, so enjoy the EP Endless; Available on Beatport and iTunes.

P.S. “Like You” and “Give Them Hell” are my favorite two songs on here.


APX delivers us a three track EP entitled Sleepless.  Released last week, APX has gotten the attention of music promoters such as  Kingstep and Nik Cooper.

“I’m happy to present you my second EP called “Sleepless”, which includes three original Progressive House tracks. The EP is available for free and you are invited to upload, use and share it wherever you want. Just make sure to link back to me.”

1. APX – Midnight Dance
2. APX – Guitar Hero
3. APX – White Walker

More info on .

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After we previewed “Gold Love” last week, Flux Pavilion has finally released the full EP Freeway out now on Circus Records and Big Beat Records.

The five track EP features some of Flux’s finest work yet; two collaborations and three original tracks make for quite the euphonic ride. His work with Dillon Francis on “I’m The One” may result in the track being considered as the highlight of the album, however we still can’t forget the accordant vocals of Rosie Oddie in “Gold Love” or Turin Brakes in “Mountains and Molehills”. Flux always seems to find a way to synchronously match the rhythm of the track with the melody of the vocals. But even when vocals aren’t the main feature, the efficacious effect of a producer like Steve Aoki can exacerbate a song to new heights; and that’s exactly what the duo did with “Steve French”.

The Freeway EP is…

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